The Fall Of Dominican Baseball

     In 2005 I read Jose Canseco’s Juice.  At the time of its release, the ex major leaguer received a lot of critisism from the media, players, and fans alike.  What I dont remember at that time is any players stepping up and supporting Canseco for what  later turned out to be Steroids coming out party, funny how things change nowdays it seems every player in the league  is speaking out against steroid use and the players that have tested positive.  Where were these outspoken critics in 2005?   Thats right they were protecting the brotherhood of the clubhouse and criticizing Jose and his tell all book.

        One of the names that popped up in the book was that of  Sammy Sosa, who  has never tested positive for roids, at least not in any information that has been released to the public by the players union, but unlike our Justice system in wich your innocent until proven guilty, In baseball you are guilty untill the tests show otherwise.   Which probably means that the number six All Time Home run leader  (609) will never see the hall of fame, just on suspicion alone, now this is a big question mark that was left from 4 years ago after the congressional hearings in which  Sosa among other players were questioned on their usage of steroids.  The usually vibrant and talkative Cubs Outfielder denied any involvement with the drug thru an interpreter.

      Four years after the infamous book was published, the issue has not been put to rest.  New names are popping up either from new tests administered, or from existing ones like the 2003 survey test that lists a total of 104 players that failed that year, which includes the only named leaked to the public, Yankees All Star Alex Rodriguez .

     The deterioration of Dominican players in Major League Baseball has been building over the las few years on the diamond and of the field, with incidents that range from alcohol abuse, to murder.  In 2004 Atlanta Braves shortstop, Rafael Furcal was sentenced to 21 days in jail after his second DUI arrest.  At the end of the season he signed a



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